BioMetric Fingerprint Terminal – Virdi

AC 6000RFProduct Code: AC6000RF

Price: R14,232.09





The AC 6000 is a high-end state of the art access control & time recording fingerprint terminal. Standard features include: Virdi’s patented biometric scanner with live + fake finger detection & auto scan, RFID or Mifare card reader, an onboard colour camera to record the images of users as they transact (accepted and rejected transactions), 4 function keys, full numerical keypad, Wiegand interface (both IN & OUT), lock relay, door status monitor, alarm interface, RS485 Secure Transmission Protocol (STP) /RS232 port, USB I/F and TCP/IP interface. The AC 6000 can operate as a standalone device or be managed via a PC/Server.


  • 4.8” Colour Touch LCD
  • 100 000 RFID Users  –  500 000 Transactions
  • Very fast Fingerprint Identification 10 000 templates < 1.5  seconds
  • 1.3 Mega Pixel Camera – Records 12 000 Images
  • Global and Individual Message Function
  • Motion Sensor
  • High Speed Processor
  • Customizable Graphic Interface (on Screen Keypad)
  • Intercom Door Station Emulation
  • USB Interface for Configuration & Data Management
  • 125KHz RFID or optional 13.65MHz Mifare Card Reader
  • Horizontal Robust Enclosure
  • PSU with Battery Backup
  • Secure Relay
  • BLC-015 Single Door Secure Lock Controller with Battery Back-up (12V/7Ah)
  • EB-030 No Touch Exit Button

AC 6000RF configuration






Technical Specification:

Type Biometric
Ingress Protection No
Memory MAX Users (Card) 100 000
MAX Templates 60 000
MAX Users (1:1) 60 000
MAX Users (1:N) 30 000
Recommended Users (1:N) 15 000
Transaction Log 500 000
Photo Log 12 500
Max Access Groups 1024
Max Access Areas 1024
Max Access Times 1024
Max Time Zone 1024
Support TOC Yes
Support TOC – Oflline TNA Yes
Communication To UNIS TCP/IP
Other USB
Controller CP-040 RS 485 STP
Wi-Fi No
To 3rd Party Devices Wiegand Yes
RS 232 Printer
From 3rd Party Devices Wiegand (26bit, 34bit) Yes
Display LCD Colour TFT Touch LCD
Size 4,8″
Backlight YES
Built-In Camera YES
Card Reader RFID, 125KHz – EM 4100 YES
Smart Card YES
Mifare YES
HID Optional*
Keypad Touch
Auto Scan YES
Door Phone Interface YES
Function Keys 60
Sensor Type Optical
Sensing Area 15 x 17mm
Resolution 500dpi
Verification 1:1 < 0,5sec
Identification 1:N (1000) < 1 sec
Dimension (W) x (H) x (D) in mm 198x120x40
Support Slave Reader SR-100FP No
FRR / FAR 0,1% / 0,0001%