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UNI-Work is an add-on Time and Attendance module for UNIS. It consists of a generic T&A interface, shift set-ups, shift allocations, pay rates and customised reports. Reports include attendance, tardiness, break times, late arrivals and early departures. UNI-Work is suitable for small businesses where complex rules and working conditions does not exist. Ideal for SOHO and Small Businesses. An optional payroll translator is available that interfaces with numerous payroll packages. UNI-Work is however not suitable for complex environments


UNI Work is a an optional T&A module for UNIS

  • Shares a common database with UNIS
  • For SOHO/SMME environments
  • Limited to 99 shifts
  • Shift Schedules – No Auto Shift Sensing
  • Monitors Tardiness
  • Calculate Hours Worked by Rate
  • Auto Process Transaction
  • Modify Clocking Hours
  • Custom Access Areas
  • Custom Report Layout
  • Optional Payroll Translator Module
  • Either Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly Reports (Cannot do both)

T&A Dongle is sold with ONE hour telephonic support from Virdi Support (support@virditech.co.za)