UNIS MEAL Management Software – Virdi


Price: R6,742.29







UNI-Meal is an optional add-on module for UNIS. If the site has a canteen or restaurant as part of the workforce’s benefits, the employer can manage the costs of meals served by utilising UNI-Meal. Up to six meal times per day, up to four menus per meal and a limitation on the amount of meals a user can utilise per meal time / per day / per month. Employers can also add a value to every menu per meal to give a total amount per user / per menu / per meal at the end of the month. Full customisable reporting capabilities is available.

UNI Meal is an optional add-on for UNIS

Shares a Database with UNIS

Activated per USB dongle

UNI Meal is a cost effective Management Tool for:

Work Canteens
UNI Meal can Manage Options for the Client

Set up to six meal times per day
Four Menus per Meal
Cost per Meal or per Menu
Limitation of Meal available per day
Custom Reports per period








Technical Specifications:

UNI Meal has the following Hardware Requirements:

  1. Dedicated ViRDI Biometric Terminal with no other function than Meal Management
  2. Bixolon SRP-350 Thermal Slip Printer with serial interface
  3. UNIS Template Management and Access Control Software