19″ Front Mount Tray 200mm

19" Front Mount Tray 250mmCode: SMT-250FV

Price: R200.00





19″ Front Mount Tray 250mm

Product Description:
This tray firmly attaches to the front uprights and occupies only 2u rack units of space.  The Depth is 250mm, thus accommodating all standard rack width & depth configurations.  This tray conforms to all standard 19″ EIA rack enclosures, cases, cabinets and frames from Redstrut as well as other OEM vendors.  Weight capacity is stout at 10Kgs.  Four steel Cage nut mounting screws are included.

Redstrut JS Series offers a superior environment for mission-critical equipment.

Product code: SMT-250FV – Front Mount Tray 250mm
Size: 19” (Height) x (Width) x (Depth) = 2u x 483mm x 250mm 
Height: 2u = 88.90mm

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