Wall Cabinet 9U 400mm Fixed Frame

WM9U-400-FCode: WM9U-400-F

Price: R1,822.50





Wall Cabinet 9u Fixed Frame


19 inch wall mount racking cabinets provide solutions for small networks at a low cost. They are used for such applications as housing patch panels or network equipment, where floor space is at a premium. . A glass door with viewing window also allows all items installed in cabinet to be clearly seen.

Product code: WM9UX400-F – Wall Cabinet 9u Fixed Frame

Size: (Height) x (Width) x (Depth) = 9u x 600mm x 400mm
Height: 9u = 400mm
19 inch: 482.6mm (this is the standard mounting width for your equipment)


* Enclosure body depths of 300, 400mm & 500mm
* Shatterproof glass door with viewing window
* Rail depth can be adjusted to suit equipment
* Lift off hinges on swing frame
* Surface finish decreasing, phosphoric, power coated
* Enhanced for strength, Max. static load: 60 kg