Wall Cabinet 9U 400mm Swing Frame

9ux400sCode: WM9UX500-S

Price: R2,775.00






* Enclosure body depths of 300, 400mm & 500mm
* Shatterproof glass door with viewing window
* Rail depth can be adjusted to suit equipment
* Lift-off hinges on swing frame
* Surface finish decreasing, phosphoric, powder coated
* Enhanced for strength, Max. static load: 60 kg

Redstrut is committed to providing products and service that meets or exceeds the quality and reliability requirements of our customers. We will continually set, monitor and improve our Quality Management Systems. Our cabinets are vigorously tested.


19 inch wall mount racking cabinets provide solutions for small networks at a low cost. They are used for such applications as housing patch panels or network equipment, where floor space is at a premium. . A glass door with viewing window also allows all items installed in cabinet to be clearly seen.

Size: (Height) x (Width) x (Depth) = 9u x 600mm x 500mm
Height: 9u = 400mm
19 inch: 482.6mm (this is the standard mounting width for your equipment)