Analog Video Links

Analog Video Link

This equipment allows the transmission of one video signal (colour or monochrome) plus as an option one or two audio channels.  The transmitter accepts standard 1v p-p video and sound signals and the receiver has similar outputs for the monitor or recorder.  As a further option the receiver can be fitted with a modulated RF output to allow the use of a normal TV or video recorder


A clear “line of sight” path is desirable between transmitter and receiver. If this is obtained then distances of up to 5km can be covered depending on configuration.

On the audio channel, sound or with suitable modems, data and alarm signals can be sent over the link at the same time as pictures.

Analog video link short range AVL-2500

Price: R10,866.00

Covers around 2.5km in open country.

Analog video link medium range AVL-7500

Price: R11,983.00

Covers about 7.5km in open country.

Analog video link very short range AVL-400

Price: R6,800.00

Covers about 400m in open country.

Video link transmitter and receiver.
The units are supplied in IP65 rated polyester housings together with a mounting bracket.  Power, video and sound signals are fed into the unit via electrical glands.  Stability is ensured by careful design, the use of quality components and stabilised power supplies.  The receiver is fitted to a similar housing to the transmitter and may have an external antenna dependent on the range required.

Line of sight.
To be successful the transmitter and receiver units need to be able to “see” each other. Any obstruction in the way will result in the signal being reduced or possibly completely eliminated. As the transmitter and receiver units are physically small they can be mounted in a suitable position easily and the input signals routed from the source. Where the path is partially blocked the signal level will vary and the installer will need to test out the quality of the signal. By moving the transmitter or receiver slightly it is often possible to pick up a useful signal.

When all else fails it is possible to use two video links as a repeater to relay the signal.  What is supplied. We include all the equipment, power supplies, antennas, mounting brackets, RF cable and connectors that you will need. All you need supply is the video signal and monitor of your choice!