Planet 24-Port Web Smart Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 4 Shared SFP Interfaces

Planet 24-Port Web Smart Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 4 Shared SFP Interfaces
Product Code: GSW-2404SF

Price: R3,785.71



High-Performance and Cost-Effective Gigabit Solution for Enterprise Backbone and Data Center Networking The PLANET GSW-2404SF is the Layer 2 Web Smart Gigabit Switch which can handle extremely large amounts of data in a secure topology linking to an Enterprise backbone or high capacity network server with 48Gbps switching fabric. The powerful features of QoS and network security enables GSW-2404SF to offer effective data traffic control for ISPs and Enterprises, such as VoIP, video streaming and multicast applications. The GSW-2404SF provides 24 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports with 4 shared Gigabit SFP slots. It is capable to provide the non-blocking switch fabric and wire-speed throughput as high as 48Gbps, which greatly simplifies the tasks of upgrading the LAN for catering to increasing bandwidth demands. It is ideal for the core layer of campus, enterprise networks and the aggregation layer of IP metropolitan networks.

Robust Layer 2 Features The GSW-2404SF can be programmed for advanced switch management functions such as Port Mirroring, dynamic Port / IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation, Port-Based / IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, Q-in-Q VLAN, Rapid Spanning Tree protocol, IEEE 802.1p QoS, bandwidth control , IGMP Querier / Snooping and Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) . The GSW-2404SF provides IEEE 802.1Q Tagged VLAN allowing maximally up to 256 VLAN groups. Via aggregation of supporting ports, the GSW-2404SF allows the operation of a high-speed trunk combining multiple ports. It enables maximum up to 8 groups of 12 ports for trunking and supports fail-over and 802.3ad LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol).

Excellent Traffic Control The GSW-2404SF is loaded with powerful traffic management and QoS features to enhance services offered by telecoms. The QoS features includes IEEE 802.1p 4 priority Queues / DSCP and bandwidth limiting that are particular useful for multi-tenant unit, multi business unit, Telco, or Network Service Provider applications. The GSW-2404SF empowers the enterprises to take full advantages of the limited network resources and guarantees the best performance in VoIP and Video conferencing transmission.

Efficient Management For efficient management, the GSW-2404SF Web Smart Gigabit Switch is equipped with WEB and SNMP management interfaces. With the built-in Web-based management interface, the PLANET GSW-2404SF offers an easy-to-use, platform-independent management and configuration facility. The GSW-2404SF also supports standard Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and can be managed via any standard-based management software. Furthermore, it provides configuration backup and restore function through web interface for quick deployment of multi-devices with the same configuration.

Powerful Security PLANET GSW-2404SF offers IEEE 802.1X Port-Based access control and RADIUS Server Authentication for system authentication. Its security mechanism also comprises of Filter Configuration and MAC Address Filter. The Filter Configuration provides per port Source IP filter to block unauthorized access and Static MAC Address assigns destination MAC address at specified port. With the benefit of Port-Based / IEEE 802.1Q VLAN function, network administrators can now construct highly secured corporate networks with considerably less time and effort than before.

Flexibility and Extension Solution The four mini-GBIC slots built in the GSW-2404SF are compatible with 100Base-FX / 1000Base-SX/LX and WDM SFP (Small Factor Pluggable) fiber-optic modules. The distance can be extended from 550 meters (Multi-Mode fiber) up to above 10/20/30/40/50/70/120 kilometers (Single-Mode fiber or WDM fiber). They are well suited for applications of the enterprise data centers and distributions. Optimal Solution for Energy-Saving and High Gigabit Performance In line with the energy-saving trend worldwide, PLANET GSW-2404SF adopts the new generation green technology. The GSW-2404SF is upgraded from earlier version and brings both benefits of energy saving and gigabit performance. It uses new engine to provide power saving up to 15% less energy consumption without reducing the performance, and particularly offer flexible power saving mode to fill various demand. It is specially suited for enterprise and campus networking. The GSW-2404SF incorporates two advanced Green Networking technologies: • Hibernation power saving modes selection – Both link-up and link-down – Link-up only – Link-down only – No power saving • Intelligent scales power based on cable length