Mobile CCTV Trailers with Solar Power, Wi-Fi & Lights

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Wireless CCTV has teamed up with PowerMan, a local UPS factory in Roodepoort, to design and build custom solar powered CCTV trailers.  Our CCTV Trailers are tailor made for your requirements.  We are combining our expertise in building hi-tech wireless CCTV networks with PowerMan’s 32 years of experience in manufacturing, inverters, solar panels and UPS’s that run of deep-cycle batteries.

The CCTV trailers are fitted with CCTV Cameras, solar panels, deep cycle batteries, inverters, flood-lights, long range cellphone reception aerials, wireless dishes to connect to your local area network.

The CCTV equipment that is fitted into the trailer is sourced from local distributors with a 3-year warranty. We offer a wide choice of reputable CCTV brands to our clients, that will be custom designed for your specific solution.  You can choose from a combination of fixed lens cameras with night vision, PTZ cameras with 30 x optical zoom and 200m infra red or thermal cameras that can detect intruders in 500 meters of dense bush.

The CCTV trailers are fitted with long range wireless dada bridges to communicate directly with your local network or head office without having to pay for any data usage to your service provider.  If you do not have direct line-of-sight or if the distance is to far, we can install private repeater towers or masts for you that will provide a direct communication link from your office to your CCTV trailers.  The recording of the cameras will be stored on a network recorder in your trailer and it will be streamed via the high speed data-bride to your office.

If the trailer is completely out of range from your office, the long range aerial for the cell phone network will take over.  The telescopic mast can be raised either to a height of 6 or 8 metres to provide a good signal for the cell phone aerials and to raise the cameras for a better view.  The wireless router with provide Wi-Fi connectivity within a 50m range of the CCTV Trailer.

This means that your personnel near your trailer and in the office can view the cameras and access the recorded footage of past events.

Please feel free to contact us for a technical site assessment so that we can recommend and design a custom solution for you.