NUUO IP Plus Digital Surveillance 8

NUUO IP Plus Digital Surveillance 8Product Code: LINU202

Price: R12,434.06




NUUO NVR IP+ is a flexible and cost-efficient solution which can manage IP/Megapixel cameras. NUUO NVR adopts open platform technology supporting as many as 53 brands of IP/Megapixel cameras with more than 1100 models.

  • Manage up to 8 channel from Megapixel cameras, IP Cameras and video servers.
  • PTZ reaction presets and distance operations
  • Digital PTZ and Multi-dynamics viewer on any object via single video source.
  • Dual monitor Real-Time display and Playback with HD quality at 30FPS
  • “Smart Guard system” with 6 kinds of video analytics and 8 kinds of instant responses
  • Counting application for people and traffic amount control
  • I/O device integration
  • Intelligent search for easy locating of recorded events
  • Remote live viewer, playback, backup, IO control, desktop configuration
  • Alarm source of NUUO Central Management System
  • Compatible with Joystick
  • Most friendly Graphic User Interface
  • Real-Time A/V multi-events viewer and filter
  • Video Quality Enhancement Tools
  • 1280 X 1024 or above recording resolution
  • Complete system and event log database.
  • Easy camera setup
  • Live viewer with 3GPP supports