Home 2000 VA – TESCOM APEX+2000-200

Model: APEX+2000-200
VA: 2000 VA
Watts: 1200 W
Battery Voltage: 12V DC
Output: Simulated Sinewave
Output: Max. 1 x TV, 1 x DVR, 1 x Decoder 2 x Computer, 20 x 15w lights
Full Load Backup: 1 Hour
Half Load Backup: 2.5 Hrs
20% Load Backup: 6,25 Hrs
Batteries: 2 x 12V 100AH – Fully Sealed

Price: R8,550.00





● Simulated sine wave output
● Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
● Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization
● Selectable charging current
● Auto restart while AC is recovering
● Off-mode charging
● Cold start function

UPS Specifications
VA Rating 2000VA
Watt Rating 1200W
Input Voltage 230VAC
Input Voltage Range 140-300VAC
Output Voltage 230VAC
Output Frequency 50Hz
Output Waveform Simulated Sinewave
Battery Size 2 x 12V/100AH
Backup Time 60 to 180 min.
Warranty 12 Months