Online Rack Mount 1000VA UPS – Otima 2kVa

Otima 2kVA

Model: Otima 2kVa
VA: 2000 VA
Watts: 1600 W
Amps: 3.2
Output: Pure Sine Wave
Max. PC’s: 3
Full Load Backup: 10 min
Half Load Backup: 15 min
20% Load Backup: 35 min
Batteries: 4 x 12V 9Ah


Price: R5,030.00

Rating from 1KVA to 3KVA, Otima provides server-grade full power protection from power failure, spikes and surge in small footprint with enhanced output power factor 0.8. Combining flexible rack/tower form factor and easy-shift LCD panel design, this series is perfect for networking, telecom, server and mission-critical applications.


  • Pure sine wave output
  • Output power factor 0.8
  • User-friendly and easy-shift LCD design
  • Rack/Tower design
  • Microprocessor-based line interactive design
  • Built-in boost and buck AVR
  • Programmable power management outlets
  • ECO operation for energy saving (Efficiency Corrective Optimizer)
  • Emergency power off function (EPO)
  • Hot-swappable battery design
  • Multiple communication available
  • Long-run models available
UPS Specifications
VA Rating 2000VA
Watt Rating 1600W
Input Voltage 230VAC
Input Voltage Range 162-290VAC
Output Voltage 230VAC
Output Frequency 50Hz
Output Waveform Pure Sinewave
Battery Size 12V/9AH x 4
Backup Time 10-15 Minutes
Warranty 12 Months