Online Double Conversion UPS 10000VA – PowerMan PM9210

Online Double Conversion UPS 10000VA - PowerMan PM9210

Model: PM9210
VA: 10000 VA
Watts: 7000 W
Amps: 31.8
Output: Sine Wave
Excludes Batteries & Battery Casing

Price: R33,996.00




● High Frequency, transformerless design results in a small compact unit to suit an office or server room environment
● On-Line double conversion technology
● True sine wave output with less than 3% THD
● Zero transfer time
● Advanced battery management (ABM)
● UPS will start without mains present (cold start)
● Self diagnosis on UPS start up
● Lightning and surge protection built in
● USB Management Software (SNMP Optional)
● LCD Diplay
● Compatible with most brands of generator


RATING: VA: 10000 VA
WATTS: 7000 W
INPUT: Voltage: 220 V AC ± 25%
Frequency: 50HZ ± 10%
DC: Battery: No Batteries
Recharge: 90% Capacity after 8 hours
Backup Time:
INVERTER OUTPUT: Voltage:  220 V AC ± 25%
Frequency: 50Hz Crystal controlled
PC Load: 30
Wave Form: Sine Wave
Voltage: 220 V ± 3% on inverter
GENERAL: Software: USB Management Software (SNMP Optional)
UPS Size: 260 x 730 x 560 mm
UPS Weight: 87 kgs