Videofied – Mounting Bracket for Outdoor MotionViewer

Videofied - Mounting Bracket for Outdoor MotionViewerProduct Code: MB100

Price: R475.71







The Mounting Arm Kit is designed to facilitate the mounting of the Outdoor MotionViewer OMV210 and screws into the threaded socket in the rear of the device.


Modular system Base, Shaft and Head screw together.
Solid steel Shafts 12.7mm diameter will make a 50.8mm, 101.6mm or 152.4mm long mount. 1/4-20 stud with lockring.
Fully adjustable at the camera (180 degree Tilt, 360 degree Turn & 360 degree Rotation).
Knob and tamper-resistant set-screw adjusting options included Matching vinyl cover adds a finished look!
Includes 50.8 mm round Base with four 4.8mm holes on 40.6mm bolt circle for solid surface mounting, and a T-Bar Clip for drop ceiling rails