Videofied – Wireless Smoke Detector

Videofied - Wireless Smoke DetectorProduct Code: SM200

Price: R2,041.43







ISD smoke detector is a wireless, battery-powered device design to be used with a Videofied security system.
The detector is embedded with a smoke detection module, a buzzer and a radio module.
Install the detector in the middle of the zone to protect.
Installing the detector too close from a combustion source (kitchen with few windows or poorly ventilated, garage, furnace, hot water heaters, space heaters, etc.) or close to a humidity source (bathroom) can trigger false alarms. If the site has several floors install at least a smoke detector on every floor.
The detector is powered by a 3V Duracell CR123A Lithium battery for a two year battery life (on average).

When the ISD smoke detector triggers, it generates a sound alarm and the information Smoke Detection is sent to the monitoring station through the alarm panel.

Indicator light

> Yellow blink with 3 beeps: Malfunction
> Continuous yellow blink: Low Battery
> Red blink once every 334 seconds: Normal Operation
> Red blink once every 10.7 seconds: Reduced sensitivity operation (during 10 minutes)

> Fixed red light with 3 loud beeps: Alarm


> Push button recording.
> Optical detection of visible particles.
> S2View® — Spread Spectrum, Videofied, Interactive, AES Encrypted Wireless technology provides optimum signal integrity and security.
>Buzzer : 85 dB output level at 3 meters for up to 3 minutes in Alarm mode.
> Supervised—transmits a check-in/status signal to the panel every 8 minutes indicating unique identification code along with the current detection sensor state, tamper condition, serial number, manufacture date, software revision, and battery status.

> Dual tamper—provides cover and wall tamper detection.

> Lithium batteries—last up to four years depending on activity and environment(estimated).


> Programming and use with Videofied security systems.